Our story

We designed and built this solution specifically for ad networks and ad exchanges that want to be a part of the new advertising era. The ElasticAd technology makes native advertising easy for your publishers, your advertisers and for you!

What we do

We focus on infrastructure, you focus on advertising. Use our technology and you won’t have to ask publishers to modify their websites to be suitable for native ads. Just white label the ElasticAd platform and you are ready to go!

Our goal

We want to create the biggest native advertising marketplace putting together multiple ad networks like yours. Enable your publishers to sell native advertising and enable your advertisers to buy inside your network or inside the ElasticAd marketplace.

Benefits for your advertisers

  • Creating non disruptive ads with great engagement rates.
  • Avoiding banner blindness with quality content that displays responsively on any platform.
  • Reaching consumers efficiently by targeting based on country, device, custom segments, inventory category and more.
  • Using all kind of rich media content like video, image and all kinds of third party media widgets.
  • Managing and optimizing display advertising campaigns with real time bidding, maximizing ROI.
  • One campaign, multiple devices: You create one single campaign and target any kind of supply like Web Browser or Mobile Apps.

Benefits for your publishers

  • Ads that are enjoyed by the viewer and bring business for the advertising clients.
  • Responsive ads that don’t ruin the design of websites or mobile apps
  • Easy to monetize:
    • -on websites, paste one line of code.
    • -for mobile apps, mobile SDK makes the job a breeze.
  • Keeps visitors happy with ads they’re actually interested in.

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